I am everything

I am ME. I am YOU. I am WE. I am everything. I am love. I am pure ENERGY. I am the entire UNIVERSE and the entire universe is within me. I am INFINITE in the infinity. I simply just AM ♥

Actually I don’t need to write more about “what I AM”. Because I’m not more and not less. But nevertheless I would like to explain briefly the “3-D version” about me.

Feeling, knowing, intuitive…

The question “Who am I?”, “What I’m able?”, “What is my vocation?” I couldn’t answer for a long time. For a while I felt like a shaman. But somehow not really. It’s a part of me, but not everything. And a healer? I als don’t feel me as a healer, because I’m not healing. Transformation only happens through me. Or better, transformation gets started through me. Not more.

I am a path preparer, a bridge builder between the mind and the heart. And I’m a space opener. I open and hold the multidimensional space to BE. I am very connected with the source and and also grounded. And I know intuitively what is necessary for my counterpart to restore his balance and expand his consciousness.

I like to hand on my knowledge, my wisdom and my feeling of an issue. To give others an input on their awareness way. And to accompany them emphatically on the way to themselves. And also support them to be their own creator.

ME ~ Pur

But actually it doesn’t matter what you can or what vocation you have. It is important WHO you are. And I can say very clearly: I am ME. Pure. 100%. Authentic. Truly. And I’m proud of that. Authenticity is very important to me. With everything. And so I live it. Or try it at least.

I always didn’t mind what others think about me. And I always did what I thought was right. What came from the heart. First of all unconsciously of course. That couldn’t always be implemented. And so also masks were pulled on me. Or I pulled them on myself to survive. Now this masks fall again. My masks. And I will become ME again. Yes! And that just feels fantastic. Be able to feel oneself again, consciously and naturally. To be authentic and to live its truth, is just wonderful.

And the nice thing is, when you live your own truth, you feel yourself ONE. One with nature. One with Mother Earth and one with Father Cosmos. One with everything that is there. And then it doesn’t matter what others think about you. NO. Because that’s not important. Being authentic also means loving…

Inner Knowledge & Wisdom

To the process of “being authentic and living authentically” came also the insight not simply take the knowledge of others and putting it over me. But to learn to activate my own knowledge, what is in me. And to use it confidently and pass it on. And above all, to set others an example of it. Because that is also truthfulness. What others say and what is written in books is not necessarily the truth. And certainly not my truth.

For me knowing and feeling belong together and then they result in the wisdom that has a being. Yes. And I am wise. I’m wise on my way. And I’m proud about the knowledge what I have within me. I didn’t made many (spiritual and energetic) trainings and seminars. I also haven’t read many books. I don’t know most of the so-called (spiritual) masters and “gurus”. And I don’t know much about the written spiritual laws. What I know, or much of what I know, I just know. Just accepting that was a long process for me. A process of going through a dark labyrinth of fear and (self-)doubt.

Now my inner knowledge and intuition are one of my most important spiritual tools. In addition to the feeling and my connection to the source. And it’s exactly these tools that make my way of restoring the balance unique.

♥ And for that I am very grateful ♥

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