How to discover yourself by perceiving your soul, giving it space and creating your soul garden

Here, in this protected space, you can

  • take a deep breath and come to rest
  • just BE yourself
  • cry, scream, laugh, rage
  • unfold you, grow and create

Here, in this protected space, you learn

  • to feel you
  • to perceive you completely
  • to dare you
  • to bring your inner outward

I provide you this space and accompany you, if you want this.


Many things which hinders us, blocks us and makes us unhappy has to do with the fact that we are wrapped in layers of old issues, blocks, patterns, fears and emotions. Our so-called secureness. We can’t feel ourselves anymore. We don’t know anymore what is good for us. And we can’t communicate with our hearts and souls anymore. We feel constrained within ourselves, with ourselves and with our lives. Because we don’t dare to unwrap ourselves from these layers. To let go the old and to go new ways.

Our core, our essence

If we remove all these layers carefully and lovingly, we are increasingly push forward to our real core. To our essence. And then we feel more and more what our true way is. Our heart path and soul path. And that finally is the path, that leads us to ourselves and to our true, authentic life. Full of trust, love and BEING.

Because, be honest. Do you really know yourself? Do you know who you are? Do you live a happy life?

Space for your awareness journey to YOURSELF

If you want, I offer you a sacred and protected space. A space where you can just BE. Where you can feel into you. Where you can get to know yourself. A room that gives you the opportunity to dare you. To dare you to let go the old things and to invite new things.

In this space reigns mindfulness and love. This space is completely protected. And you can perceive and feel things there, that you have never perceived. You can perceive them and then let them go and transform them, if it is necessary. Or to learn to love and integrate them.

Your light and your way

This space houses your own awareness journey to yourself. And if you like, I open and hold this space for you and accompany you. I’m listening to you. And I give you this space. I’ll show you how to find your light again and your way .

Because this path, YOUR way leads you finally to YOURSELF. To your truth and your creative power. Which is within you and which simply wants to be discovered. So that you can come back into your balance and live authentically and happily.

What I offer