How to live your life authentic, free and serene by saying YES to yourself

Getting-out of your limitations into the conscious BEING. In your SoulBEING.

When you get out of your limitations and live your SoulBEING. When you perceive your soul. When you listen your soul and you go the way it shows you. Then you can discover your creative power and live your potentials. Then you feel this lust for life. Then you feel free and easy. And you can create your life the way you like it. Out of yourself.

When you live your soul, is this the YES to YOU.

Do you have the courage to the YES?

Do you have the courage

  • To get out of your limitations?
  • To live your true ME?
  • To dance life, no matter how it shows itself?
  • To consider your shadows?
  • To listen to your soul?

Do you have the courage to love really really?

Or you don’t really dare it yet?

Because it’s easier to stay where you are right now. Even if it doesn’t really make you happy. You feel unfree. And not really really happy.

It just takes a bit of courage to leave your own limits. To give up your safe comfort zone. To go new paths. To celebrate life full of joy, no matter what is straight.

To remain in his limits and his suffering is also a kind of comfort zone. Albeit a painful one.

Getting-out of the comfort zone

Maybe you’ve tried to get out of your comfort zone several times. Didn’t make it because you didn’t dare. Because you lacked the courage. And that 100% YES.

Maybe you don’t dare because you believe that everything will get even more painful when you leave your safe comfort zone. When you unwrap from your limitations. Because you are completely naked then. Because then there is nothing left to protect you.

Maybe also the fear of the unknown keeps you away from going new paths.

From heteronomy in a self-responsible life

From my own experience with myself and with others, I know how hard it often is to take this step. The step to get out. Out into the self-responsibility and to the clear YES.

It’s always easier to live other-directed. You don’t need to worry about anything. And you can blame everyone else for the ills in your life.

The step from heteronomy to self-determination is a step that begins with a decision.

* With the YES to YOU *

You will quickly realize that it’s not so painful to get out and walk the path to yourself. To open your heart. To live your soul. And to live the YES clearly out of yourself.

If you like, I’ll support you and show you how to do it.

It can be easy and full of joy.

I support you if you want

Empathic, knowing, intuitive, clear. From out of the New Time (World).

I’m looking forward to you

With love, Andrea 💚