Personal individual Soul Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher should not be used only as an “ornament”. It is something very sacred and should be something very personal. Consecrated and personally created for or by his “owner”. The dream catcher is in the broadest sense a spiritual and energetic “tool”. A very forceful and powerful tool that prevents the dark energies, and only let pass the light energies. The dark energies will be cleaned and transformed in the net.

I create personal and individual dream catchers. When I create personal dreamcatchers I connect me with the person who likes to have the dreamcatcher and also with the spirit world. It’s a kind of consciousness work. With each node, with each material which I incorporate in the net, something is set in motion, which can restore the balance of the receiver to a certain extent. It is always interesting to see what happens during this work, energetically and spiritually.

Before the dreamcatcher goes on his journey to the recipient, he will be smoked and purified with sage, and he also will be blessed.

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The materials I use

The materials are usually natural and were “found” in the nature. I am often working with olive branches or branches of the carob tree. The olive and carob trees have a very special energy. However, it can also be a branch of another tree. I use intuitively the kind of wood. Just like all the other materials, which are free of animal suffering, because I am vegan.

The dreamcatchers usually have a diameter of about 20 to 30 cm.

Order of a Soul Dreamcatcher

I create a Soul-Dreamcatcher usually only to order. But I also make individual intuitive dreamcatcher with diferent “themes”, which are unicums with a high frequency of energy. I do not know how the dreamcatcher will look like beforehand. During the creation I connect me with the spiritual world and the person who likes to have the dreamcatcher and work absolutely intuitive. Thus, the appearance of the dream catcher results while I’m working.

Working on a dream catcher can take several weeks. Not because of the work itself, but because of the process.

If you would like to make an order, you can »contact me. I’m looking forward to you.

Cost of a Soul Dreamcatcher

  • On appreciative basis
    You act on your own responsibility and give me the amount that is right for you. Also in terms of your own value (very important!)
  • Shipping costs additional
  • The payment is made when the order is placed

Some examples of the dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher, which I create are very energetically. Unfortunately, the photos don’t show this very well.

Spiritual and energetic art and handwork

The spiritual and energetic arts and crafts work I make is created soulfully and can serve the spiritual practice. The energetic aspect is just as important as the artistic and creative aspect. The energetic objects I create are lived spirituality. They are very energetic and, therefore, healing. They are made with a lot of love and creativity.