Energetic handwork for the “joy of BEING”

For some time now I have rediscovered my love for the handwork and especially for crocheting. And while I started again crochet and tried it, I noticed that all I crochet is simply “happy”. So it brings joy and it feels somehow good. It feels good in the sense that the recipient finds more to himself and also comes back a little bit to its balance. It is a little bit like the »Soul-Dreamcatcher which I create.

I also work very intuitively when crocheting and I am connected with the client. And also with the entire universe, with Mother Earth and Father Cosmos. It can happen that the client is just in a process while I crochet for it and through this crochet-work many things can be dissolved or clarified. But this is not obligatory. It is different each time. Just as every person is also different.

What makes my energetic and also spiritual crochet different is simply the “joy of being” and the “more and more coming home, to oneself”. It is nothing heavy which acts through this energetic handwork, but only joy and easiness.

I work absolutly intuitive, even if I take various instructions as the basis.

Would you like to have also a soulful HappyBE?

If you like to have something crocheted of me, please »contact me. You tell me what you would like to have and then we decide which yarn and colors are suitable. After that I will order the yarn and I can begin.

It is paid when the order is placed. In the cost are included the yarn, the work and also if necessary the shipping.

The work can take several weeks depending on the crochet project. Not only because of the work itself, but also partly because of the process in which the client can be.

If you would like to make an order, you can »contact me. I’m looking foward to you.

Costs of the energetic HappyBE crochet work

  • The costs for an individual HappyBE handwork are discussed in advance.
  • The cost of the yarn and the shipping costs will be charged additionally.
  • Payment is made when the order is placed.

Here are a few HappyBE examples