When suddenly the soul mate is knocking…

Often it happens that the soul mate is suddenly standing in front of you. Usually this happens earthly, in this reality. But often the soul mates only shows themselves energetically. It’s not so easy to handle with both situations in the beginning. Mostly you don’t know WHAT happens. And when the contact is only on the energetic/etheric level, it’s usually harder to comprehend the whole thing. People often don’t respond to an energetic contacting from the soul mate. At least as long until it no longer works.

How you can grow peacefully with your soul mate

I myself had an only energetic contact with my soul mate a few years ago. Who still wasn’t incarnated at that time. A situation with which I had to learn to handle. Now he is incarnated in this reality. But for me he practically still is earthly unreachable.

Over time, I learned to handle the situation. To bear this intense and somehow infinite love. And to live with these intimate and massive-beautiful energies that such a partnership leads. Peacefully, serene and in harmony with myself. Ultimately my soul mate has also had lead me directly to my essence. The essence, which is basically also his essence.

Mindful support in your “soulmate-process”

If you like, I’ll show you how to recognize, feel, and let BE your soul mate. How you can deal with all the strange energies and situations. How you can admit and enjoy this cosmic love-connection. And ultimately how you can strengthen your connection with it. It doesn’t matter if it is “only” energetic/etheric or earthly. Or both.

Based on my own experiences and my connection to my essence and soul mate, I can advice you authentically, individually and clearly. Because with this issue, it often needs a clear counselling in addition to the sensitive support. Because the issue “soul mate” is still very confused and unclear.

Your soul mate leads you to you first

After all, it is the work on your own issues that leads you to your soul mate. The more you can feel yourself. The more you are recognize yourself. The more you are connected to your soul and your essence, the more you feel your soul mate. And as I said, when this happens you first have to learn to deal with this.

Your soul mate will direct you to your deepest issues. Therefore soul connections are often very exhausting at the beginning. No matter whether they are lived earthly or energetic/eteric. Also here I stand mindfully and clearly by your side.

Organizational matters and costs

A support or advice regarding your soul mate is done personally (directly or by distant coaching). So a concrete appointment is necessary. A distant coaching usually takes place via Skype or telephone. The coaching can also take place in writing via e-mail or as chat. Whereby a personal conversation of course is always preferable.

Coaching or counselling on appreciation base

A coaching, counselling or support is always made on an appreciative basis. For me it’s important that you act on your own responsibility and give me the amount that is right for you. Also in terms of your own value. So, what are you worth to yourself (very important!).


Important Advice:
I make no promise of healing. In a healing work or consciousness work, your own work with yourself is very important. With my healing work I create a solid foundation full of light, on which you can build up and develop yourself.