Space to BE

Multidimensional Space to BE

The Space to BE is a protected multidimensional space where you can simply BE.

A space of love.
A space of peace.
A space of stillness.
A space of balance.
A creator space.

What happens in the Space to BE

In the space to BE, you receive what you need for your own development in this one moment. You get your own individual input that you need for your issue, the situation where you are in right now. In a very gentle, peaceful and relaxing way. These can be cosmic/divine energies, afflatuses, help for your own consciousness process, etc. It happens only what is allowed to happen.

In the space to BE, you are grounded and connected to the Source, the consciousness. So you can get in balance again.

The space to be is not a classic energy transfer. But what the name implies. A space where you can individually BE.

Procedure and participation

Everyone can participate.

The Space to BE is opened for a maximum of 10 participants. Each participant is simultaneously in his own individual protected space.

The Space to BE is ethereal/energetic and multidimensional. It is not necessary that we are connected live to each other (via Internet, etc.).

For the participation I need your full worldly name. When I open the Space to BE, I call all the names of the participants and ask them to enter the space. This happens energetically/spiritually. The space is maintained exactly 15 minutes. Then you will released very gently and careful from the space. I myself hold the space and be there.

What you should consider in the Space to BE:

  • While you are in the Space to BE, you should be relax in a quiet place in your earthly world.
  • You should be completely with you. You can observe yourself, feel in yourself or just relax.
  • It is important that you are careful and just FEEL.
  • May be you get visions and divine inspirations.
  • If energy flows, just enjoy it.
  • It may be that you want to move, dance, jump. Or sing, scream, cry, laugh.
  • It is also possible that you explicitly feel an issue that may be resolved.
  • Everything is allowed. It is YOUR very own SPACE TO BE. And you are allowed to do what is right for you in this moment.
  • Maybe you don’t notice anything at this moment. That is also OK. Sometimes something happens and you don’t notice it at first.

You do not have to look at the clock. After 15 minutes, the room is gently dissolved.

Cost of the Space to BE

Once a week there is a free event.

Space to BE (group): Free

  • Date: Sunday 8.00 pm to 8.15 pm
  • Maximum number of participants: 10 people
  • Binding registration with full name required

Space to BE (group): 8 € per person

  • Date: Sunday 8.30 pm to 8.45 pm
  • Number of participants: maximum 10 participants, minimum 3 participants
  • Registration with prepayment and indication of the full name

Space to BE (individual): 33 €

  • 15 minutes in the Space to BE with a short personal talk (also possible via e-mail or chat)
  • Date: by appointment
  • Number of participants: 1 person (namely YOU)
  • Registration with prepayment and indication of the full name


Important Advice:
A participation in the Space to BE can not replace the doctor or medical practitioner. A participation in the Space to BE can be applied in addition to a medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. Existing treatments may be not canceled or drugs are discontinued without prior consultation with a doctor or medical practitioner. In a participation in the Space to BE you take the full responsibility for your actions. Any liability on my part is expressly excluded.
I make no promise of healing. In a healing work or consciousness work, your own work with yourself is very important. With my healing work I create a solid foundation full of light, on which you can build up and develop yourself..