The most important key data

More or less chronologically.

  • Special educator (University Degree)
  • Intuitive Web Designer
  • Reiki therapist (I don’t practice any more)
  • Various shamanic training (I don’t practice any more)
  • Awareness work (with myself and the spirits)

With the entire consciousness work in all the years I had always loving and compassionate support of my brothers and sisters of “my tribe”. For this I am very grateful ♥

By the way, consciousness work never stops, it is only getting easier!

How my way came to me and also my vocation

Since 2005 I live in Spain (more precisely in Andalusia) because I followed an inner call. A longing which I can not explain. I left everything behind me and felt like a new person. I suddenly felt free and incredibly light. When I came to Andalusia, it was a little bit like “coming home”…

Encounter with the cosmic energies

In Spain, I met different spiritual people. Some were a little bit “suspicious”. Others were very pleasant and very close to me. Sometime, I came in contact with Reiki and the universal life energy. And again I felt a bit more like “coming home” …

Attachment to Mother Earth

When I discovered by chance the shamanism an the natural magic, I knew: THAT’S IT! Here I wanted to go and here I want to stay. I discovered my love for nature. An intimate connection to Mother Earth, which I wore for a long time in me, but I had never perceived and mainly lived. And suddenly I knew that I am here in the world to recover the balance.

Intuition, inner knowledge and own spiritual tools

Over time I learned more and more to trust my intuition and also my inner knowledge. Eventually I then put away the techniques and methods that I had learned. And I started to use the tools that I carry within me. The tools that I remembered more and more during my awareness journey. And with those I can effectuate a lot. I am very grateful for that.

It isn’t important for me what someone has learned or what methods he use for healing. It is important what it does. It is important that he recover the balance and therefore heals. With intention, intuition, awareness, gratitude, dedication and love. And all that I carry within me…


♥ Aloha ♥
andreaWirk ~ Buntes SeelenSEIN Coaching
Andrea Wirk