Hugo, Benny, Max and me

Actually, I never wanted animals who lives with me. I also never wanted own children. Too much responsibility. Too much “lack of freedom”. Yes, I wanted to be independent. Then I had children and adolescents around me for a while. At work as a special educationist. And I also love children because they are something very special. And what about animals? O, animals have never been so important for me in my life. I liked them, but I never thought about them. They were just there.

Max, Hugo, Benny - Hundekumpels
Max, Hugo & Benny

Hugo ~ my soul buddy

But since I feel so strongly connected to Mother Earth, it developed  a very special love and connection to animals. And suddenly I had the feeling that I would like a dog at my side. Which then quickly came into my life, found me and since that time is with me. We found ourselves in a Spanish dog shelter (where the dogs are killed when they won’t be adopted). That was on the 20th September 2012.

Since then, my life has changed a lot. And, above all, enriched. Hugo has shown me so much. I have learned so much from him. He pulled me at so many themes of me. In addition to the unconditional love that he simply has and gives, he is also a wonderful “healer” and “companion”. Yes, we heal each other.

Of course Hugo is also a dog. And I come on my limits with him again and again. Because he doesn’t always listen to me. And he has a really big pighead. He is also an individualist, just like me. But the way he is, he is exactly right. And that’s exactly how I love him.

Hugo und Andrea

Benny ~ my heart opener

Benny came to my life in May 2015. He was a foster dog from the Axarquía Animal Rescue (AAR), who I took care. He was abandoned at a gas station, where he lived for several weeks and was fed by animal rights activists. One time a woman took him home in care. But he ran away. Then he came for one week in a private dog kennel. Until he finally ended up with me in care. After spending a week with us, I knew Benny would stay. Hugo and I immediately felt in love with Benny. It was love at first sight.

Since then Benny is with us and delights our hearts. He is a happy little scamp and also a cuddly-dog, which makes me always  laugh. Even when things are not going well, he brings me in mood again.

Benny is also a wonderful “healer” and “companion”. But in a different way than Hugo. Much gentler and finer.

Benny und Andrea

Max ~ my soul child

Max came to me in early April 2017. Friends founded him with his sister in the “campo”. He was already 8 or 9 weeks old. He called me from the beginning. But first I didn’t dare to take him.

A PUPPY (I never wanted children, neither human nor animal) and then a 3rd dog in my approx. 35 m2 home (with a lot of fenced land around it). I thought I couldn’t manage that. A real challenge for me. But my heart said, DO IT. And so I picked him up. It was not always easy for me. Probably also not for Max. But I’m happy that he’s here. Even very happy.

Max is a little goblin. Bold, cheeky, courageous, intelligent and very independent. He belonged from the beginning to our small (dog) family. Somehow he has made our family more complete. We love him and he is also absolutely indispensable…

Max und Andrea

Max with approx. 4 month