How you can live serenely and authentically by feeling and BEING

Sometimes it just needs an impulse

A change of perspective. A short looking, feeling and perceiving from a different point of view. A neutral input to become clear again. To be able to feel yourself again.

Sometimes it takes more time

Because the pain, the blockade is buried too deep. Because you have to dig your way through the many layers of fears, patterns and manipulations. Because you have to learn to deal with the pain. To accept it, to integrate it or to let it go peacefully.

Intuitive support in the space of possibilities

I offer offer you a “Space to FEEL”. A creator’s space where everything is possible. A space where you can learn to feel. Completely. YOU.

The intuitive coaching in this creator-space is not a classic coaching or life counselling. But an accompaniment which is absolutely intuitive, energetic and also earthing. We don’t formulate any goals and don’t explore any causes. We ARE only in this protected space. We let happen and observe. At this moment.

I listen to you. I give you space. I let you BE.

The intuitive Coaching is primarily a conversation on the issue/problem you bring with you. Or about the situation in which you are. Even if we sometimes not speak, but simply feel.

In this “talk” you are in a protected universal space. In this space I’m connected with you as well as with the source or the consciousness. So I can empathize completely neutral with you. And help you to perceive what you have not felt or seen until now. For this I can support you to feel your soul. To go your own way. To discover and unfold you. And therefore to find to yourself and love yourself.

Because that’s what it’s all about, no matter what is the issue. To find yourself. To recognize the illusion and feel your true SELF. To love yourself. In order to live then authentically and consciously your own truth. Embedded in the WE of the universe.

During the talk flows always cosmic energy and all-encompassing love. And you also are always grounded. Automatically. This has usually a harmonizing effect.

What happens during an intuitive coaching

None of this talks proceeds the same. But what always happens is that the client cooperates and FEELS. This is important to me. Because transformation and awareness can only take place through cooperation and feeling.

You can come to me with any issue. These can be ordinary personal problems, issues related to your awareness and development. Fears, pain. But also spiritual questions that you have. I pick you up where you are right now.

Organizational matters and costs

Coaching or counselling on appreciation base

A coaching or counselling is always made on an appreciative basis. For me it’s important that you act on your own responsibility and give me the amount that is right for you. Also in terms of your own value. So, what are you worth to yourself (very important!).

Important Advice:
An intuitive Coaching can not replace the doctor or medical practitioner. An intuitive Coaching can be applied in addition to a medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. Existing treatments may be not cancelled or drugs are discontinued without prior consultation with a doctor or medical practitioner. In an intuitive Coaching you take the full responsibility for your actions. Any liability on my part is expressly excluded.
I make no promise of healing. In a healing work or consciousness work, your own work with yourself is very important. With my healing work I create a solid foundation full of light, on which you can build up and develop yourself.