Reading your inner map with an intuitive card reading

Sometimes it just needs an impulse

A change of perspective. A short looking, feeling and perceiving from a different point of view. A neutral input to become clear again. To recognize possibilities. To perceive new ways which suddenly open and which you may not even have seen yet. Or did not want to see.

Such an impulse or input can be a SoulMap-Reading.

Small and big impulses through a very special, intuitive card reading

I do not just read cards. I read the inner maps. The soul maps.

The card readings which I make are very intuitive and extensive. And they can go very deep. A reading can bring to light some issues of the BeingHuman and SoulBEING of the questioner. That, what he may not even know or suspect. That what is still deeply hidden and what he may still be aware of. And maybe on what he also should work.

These card readings are a very big input for the questioner and can also be a wonderful basis for a SoulBEING-Coaching. The readings are recorded on video so they can be watched again and again during your process.

How do I make the card readings

Card decks and card spreads

I work very freely and intuitively with different card decks: Tarot, Oracle cards and Lenormand cards. Often I use two or more tarot decks, one or two Lenormand Deck, and several oracle decks in one Reading. I always decide intuitively which decks I use at last. I also create intuitively the spread itself. Suitable for the question and the questioner. Sometimes I also lay the cards free without any pattern.

With me there are no prefabricated card spreads o pattern. And also no fixed card decks. Each client gets its very specific card reading, which happens quite intuitively.

A concrete question is not absolutely necessary.

Presentation of the card reading

I always record the big card readings on video and load them privatly in the Internet. So you can watch the video in peace, as you like. The video stays online as long as you need it. Of course you can also download it to your computer.

The advantage of a video is, that you can watch it over and over again, during your process which you go through. AND I can explain you the exactly the cards. Because the cards are like maps and they always tell stories. Your very own stories.

For urgent questions and issues, I can also make smaller card readings and communicate it via email, messenger or whatsapp.

Organizational matters and costs of a readings

After you have given me the order for a reading, I already start to look and feel your inner map. Sometimes a card spreat o pattern directly comes to my mind. But I do not do the reading only when the time is right. This can be directly, or a few days or weeks after ordering the readings.

It would be nice if the payment of the card reading is done with the order. It is not obligatory, but I would appreciate it very much.

Card readings on appreciation base

I offer intuitive card readings on the basis of appreciation. For me it’s important that you act on your own responsibility and that you give me the amount that is right for you. Also in terms of your own value. So, what are you worth to yourself (very important!).